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Beekeeping can offer much more than we think. With a little bit of creativity you can start beside traditional beekeeping Api Tourism with full experience for tourists.

Project Api Routes

Slovenian project named Api Routes (www.authentic-routes.com) is a great example how to combine beekeeping and tourism.

Mission: An authentic experience embracing nature, culture and spirit. Api-tourism – A Fusion of Green Destinations, Apiculture & Travel

When planning Api tourism you should think different – When asking “Where do we want to go?” we need to reflect on “What experiences are we looking for?”.


Honey Massage in the Bee House
Foto: www.authentic-routes.com

Api Experience for tourist

Experiencing nature, culture and people through the eyes of bees. Intrigued by the mystic world of bees, not only tourist will have the opportunity to learn about different bee products, they will also have the chance to get as close to bees as you want. Beekeepers are inviting tourists to enter a Slovene bee house. They can observe a master beekeeper at work, search for wild swarms. Walk in the honey garden and learn about the importance of each plant and tree. Open one of the hives and search for the queen and drones; observe them as they go about their work. Try bee products, a number of which enjoy medicinal applications, including some renowned meads and honey with beet-root. Take pleasure in api-cuisine, and participate in a workshop on cooking with honey or making honey dough dishes, baking honey breads, pastries and confectionery. Try beeswax candle making or decorating a beehive front panel. Savour sparkling mead served with chestnut honey flavoured cheese, or visit a brewery to see how honey beer is made. Tourists can have also a bio honey massage in a typical Slovenian bee-house. Relax and enjoy the api beneficent fragrance of the hives.

Api Well-being

Api Well-being is a philosophy and way of life aimed at engendering physical and psychological contentment; it reveals how to strengthen your body, mind and spirit through the knowledge and use of bee products and preparations.


Resting or sleeping in a Bee House
Foto: www.authentic-routes.com

Amazing Benefits to the Human Body:

  • A honey massage promotes body’s detoxification.
  • Resting in a beehouse and listening to the buzzing bees soothes and purifies the spirit.
  • Inhalations in a hive relieve pollen allergies and asthma, as well as increase lung capacity.
  • A honey facial mask stimulates clear, soft and glowing skin.
  • Face cream containing bee venom has an anti-aging effect on the skin.
  • Bee venom relieves and can even eliminate rheumatism-related problems.
  • The use of propolis in oral hygiene reduces the formation of a biofilm and tartar, as well as prevents periodontitis.
  • Alginate dressings permeated with chestnut honey have excellent healing properties

Certification of Service Providers

One of the trends in green tourism is the application of epithets – such as locally produced, bio, eco, organic and healthy – in relation to holidays and trips. Such labels are also applied to api-tourism in Slovenia, while a holistic approach to responsible tourism categorises experiences according to their impact on the environment, culture and community. Further to this, Slovenia is the first – and as yet the only – country to certify of api-tourism and apitherapy providers.

Source: www.authentic-routes.com

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