Review of Beekeeping Year 2014

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I think we can say in the name of all beekeepers that year 2014 is finally at the end and we are looking forward into year 2015 full of new stories that will be positive and successful.

In editorial board, we review the most important moments of beekeeping in Europe and we put together 10 posts of beekeeping year 2014.


News Review of Beekeeping Year 2014

1. January – too warm for bees: January is the month in the middle of winter and the rest time for the bees, around hives should be peace and quiet. Instead of keeping the winter cluster warm, bees during time unusually leisurely flying from hives and collecting pollen. Long period of warm weather has obviously changed the traditional work that we have in this winter.

2. Traders win – EU Parliament Votes against Labelling GM Pollen in Honey: Pollen from genetically modified plants in the honey will not be specially marked, is the decision of MEPs. This means that GM pollen has to be labelled if it makes up more than 0.9% of the honey, which never occurs.

3. Tragedy at Apiary – Beekeeper died after bee sting him in an artery in his neck: Beekeeper Marko Bulic died on April 10 at the apiary in Croatia after fatal bee sting into an artery in the neck. The tragedy occurred when he reviewed bee hives with a friend…

4. Top 11 Organizations and Initiatives Helping to Save Bees: Today we’re all wondering what’s wrong with the bees. We cannot imagine a World without pollinators who are responsible for more then 30 percent of the world’s food. We highlighted top 11 Organizations and Initiatives that are trying to raise awareness about the importance of bees as pollinators.

5. News about dangerous Asian hornet: As we learn, Asian hornet (Vespa velutina), in addition to France and Italy, where it was first noticed, in end of april 2014 expanded on the territory of Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Greece! In year 2013 in July we wrote about Asian hornet seen in Italy. However, Asian hornet is, therefore, dangerously approaching other countries in Europe, which is not good news.

6. Apimondia 2015 Korea: In the year 2015 44th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress is taking place from September 15. till 20. in Korea, Daejeon. The theme of this congress is “Bee, Connecting the World!“ You can check what to expect at Apimondia 2015 Korea in this post.

7. Switzerland – They Found the Cause of Mass Poisoning of Bees: In Switzerland (April month) was mass poisoning of bees due to which they originally blame farmers, but it turned out that farmers are not to blame. In the region Zäziwil and Möschberg 172 bee colonies was poisoned. They analyzed poisoned bees and found that the reason for that was insecticide Fipronil, which is banned in Switzerland.

8. Project – Honey Breakfast in Every Single School: It`s not easy, but there are few things that we can do in every single country to spread awareness of consuming local food, especially honey.

9. Innovation: Effective Biological Varroa mite Treatment: The inventor Professor Dr. Peter Rosenkranz and graduate biologist Bettina Ziegelmann could prove how the mites males tracking the females in the cell, due to female sex pheromones. The scientists have managed to isolate these substances and determine their composition.

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