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How honeybees determine sex

5 amino acid differences separate males from females It’s taken nearly 200 years, but scientists in Arizona and Europe have teased out how the molecular switch for sex gradually and adaptively evolved in the honeybee....

How bees land safely

Who flies also must land again. For insect not always easy. How can they assess the situation landing on a flower? For landing, so they have to take back their speed to zero, to...

Large bee swarms choose wiser

Bees surprise us actually every day even when are faced with the problem of finding a good site to establish a new colony. When looking for a new home large bee swarms make the design...

Interesting Bee Biology

Video – Bee Biology with Larry Connor

I think you will agree with me that without knowledge about bee biology you cannot evolve as a beekeeper. I know that biology can be hard for some people but if you have the...

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