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Beekeeping news in Slovenia.

World Bee Day

World Bee Day Initiative has Started

Almost every day, there is some international observance day. We have an International Day of Peace, International Day of Peace, World Vegetarian Day, World Diabetes Day… And now is the time to have World Bee Day, which will contribute...

Project: Honey Breakfast in Every Single School

Believe it or not, not far ago, almost every single person could eat ecological, healthy food. But now (last 20 years) probably because we have an enormous amount of products available from different countries...

Old Beeswax

Melting old beeswax

Last weekend we get video sent to us by one Hobby beekeeper from Slovenia, how he melts old beeswax. Check video below: Share your opinion with us over comment below or send us your way...

Slovenian honey is protected now in the EU

Today the European Commission published in the Official Journal of the EU registration of Slovenian honey, which is already 19-the Slovenian product that is registered with the European Commission. Slovenian honey is produced in...

Honey in cuisine – one day event

 On Saturday, 21. 9. 2013 in Slovenia (Lesce) before Beekeeping center Gorenjska held a day of honey in cuisine. The purpose of the event was to present,  for what honey can be used, not...

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