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Interesting beekeeping related projects around the world.

Feel the Magical and Mysterious World of Bees

In search of authentic, green and responsible travel – in desire for the experiences which take our breath away, a unique form of tourism is being offered in Slovenia. Apitourism! This fresh, innovative and...

World Bee Day

World Bee Day Initiative has Started

Almost every day, there is some international observance day. We have an International Day of Peace, International Day of Peace, World Vegetarian Day, World Diabetes Day… And now is the time to have World Bee Day, which will contribute...

Wireless Technology Company is Saving Bees from Extinction

Eco-Friendly Wireless Technology Company is committed to Reducing Electronic Landfill Pollution and Saving Bees from Extinction. Bumblebee Wireless Inc. announced that it expects to collect at least one million pounds of mobile phones, tablets,...

Winner of 2014 Vita Photo Competition

With entries coming from all over the world, the overall winner of the 2014 Vita photo Competition is Boštjan Tovornik of Slovenia for his picture of a line of honeybees feeding on the face...

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