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Technology of beekeeping

Beehive lift with Kaptárlift

Kaptárlift is an electric tool for beehive lifting. Electric controller has max speed 6.5 km/h, which can be also accelerated and has switch that includes reverse mode. Kaptárlift takes 11 seconds to load the entire hive....

ApiShield: Asian hornet trap launched in Europe

Beekeepers now have a weapon to counter the Asian hornet, a new invasive honeybee pest that is threatening honey bee colonies across Europe. Last year we reported first attempt from this Honey bee pest...

Research: Tiny technology on bees

Australian scientists will thousands of bees equipped with miniature chips to help them track their movement to try to figure out how diseases are spread in the northern hemisphere which massacred the entire population...

Ukrainian-bdzhilnyk bee hive system

New Ukrainian beehive system Bdzhilnyk

In Ukraine a new type of a beehive called “Ukrainian bdzhilnyk” was created and patented. It consists of a small brood box with 9 – 11 low-wide frames (for example, Dadan type) and a bigger honey super for 14...

Inside of tracking honey bee

Inside of tracking flight of honey bee

Sometimes it’s really hard to make quality research special whit small animals like bees. But first question is why would you track honey bees? Probably the main reason for that is decreasing population of honey bees...

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