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Tips and Tricks by Beekeeping.

Old Beeswax

Melting old beeswax

Last weekend we get video sent to us by one Hobby beekeeper from Slovenia, how he melts old beeswax. Check video below: Share your opinion with us over comment below or send us your way...

Rotation Beekeeping System

In the videos below you can watch old, but still interesting approach how to use the annual rotation system in beekeeping. The only obstacle for Beekeepers that could start with rotation beekeeping is usually in...

Warm winter

January – too warm for bees

January is the month in the middle of winter and the rest time for the bees, around hives should be peace and quiet. Instead of keeping the winter cluster warm, bees during this time...

Api Tourism – Full experience

Beekeeping can offer much more than we think. With a little bit of creativity you can start beside traditional beekeeping Api Tourism with full experience for tourists. Project Api Routes Slovenian project named Api Routes...

5 ways how to assemble bee hive frames

Check 5 different ways how to assemble bee hive frames. In the videos below you can also see different types of bee hive frame (LR, AŽ …). If you are small (hobby) beekeeper, for your...

Simple device for extracting bees from frame

Here is simple solution for middle-sized beekeepers how quick and effective extract bees when preparing frames for honey extraction. Price: Around 150 €. The device uses soft brushes that do not harm bees. All...

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